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Anxiety Clinic - Telephone & Online Consultations

If you are not local to Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire - it's unlikely that commuting for appointments to our Anxiety Clinic is going to be viable. Fortunately we are able to offer you a convenient, cost effective alternative to face to face Consultations. We can use straightforward Telephone Consultations or Skype Webcam Consultations enabling clients outside of our regional catchment area to benefit from our expertise. The great news for our clients is that the low overheads involved in working via telephone or online are reflected in our very affordable fees.

However, if you do live within reasonable travelling distance of our Clinic we'd encourage you to work with us face to face if at all possible. Good as technology is nowadays - you can't beat working in person with one of our Consultants. If you can make it to Stoke on Trent you should look at our Face to Face Consultation option. If not, an online or telephone Consultation is the next best thing.


Why provide Online Webcam Consultations?

We are an established Clinic in Staffordshire and have worked face to face with our clients for over twenty years. However, over recent years the number of enquiries from people outside of our region has increased dramatically. Unfortunately distance and travel time has precluded us from working with the majority of these people - until now.

We decided that as broadband is now commonplace, webcams are cheap and the software to bring people together is free - why not provide Online Webcam Consultations when it's not feasible for clients to travel to us for face to face appointments?

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The benefits of Online Webcam Consultations

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The first benefit is that no matter where you are in the UK - we can work with you online. Thus distance is no longer a problem.

The second benefit is the time you potentially save on travelling between appointments.

The third benefit is the Consultants you work with online are the very same Consultants you'd see face to face should you attend our Clinic in person.

If you can travel for a face to face consultation, we would always recommend that you do.

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What you need...

For Online Consultations:

  1. A reasonable broadband connection.
  2. A reasonable webcam.
  3. Skype software to be installed on your computer.
  4. Log onto your Skype account and put in a friend request to us at callanxietyclinic
  5. We ask clients to initiate Webcam Consultations at the allotted appointment time. This prevents any confusion.

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What about a guarantee?

We offer a zero-risk guarantee with every Initial Consultation, whether it be face to face or via webcam. This means that if for any reason (and we mean any reason) you are not entirely satisfied with your Initial Consultation - there will be no charge. You either get the specialised help you want or it wont cost you a single penny.

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How much does it cost?

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All Online Webcam Consultations have a fixed rate fee of £90.00 for a one hour session., or £120.00 if you would prefer an extended 90-minute session.

This is a flat-rate fee regardless of your problem. You will pay for each session as you go, essentially on a 'pay as you go' basis. There is no contract to bind you in to a set number of sessions - the choice is entirely yours.

For Webcam Consultations, the majority of clients pay us via PayPal or BACS bank transfer. Remember that you don't need to pay until you are fully satisfied with your Initial Consultation and have decided you wish to continue working with us.

Simply let us know your preferred method of payment during your Initial Consultation and we'll make the necessary arrangements should you choose to continue working with us.

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How long does it take?

Although every case is unique we always try to give a reasonable estimate of how long we think the Recovery Programme will take.

Your Consultant will be able to give you a more educated idea of how long your treatment will take by the end of your initial appointment.

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What to do now...

The most simple way to book an Initial Consultation is to give us a call. We'll have a brief chat, answer any questions and confirm that we can help with your particular problem. We will offer you an appointment that is convenient for you, bearing in mind we work 11am to 9pm, seven days a week. Essentially we can fit in with any schedule - no matter how many commitments you may have. Our contact number is 01782 855585.

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