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Experiencing a panic attack can be comparable to feeling like you're about to die. Anyone that hasn't experienced a panic attack first hand simply cannot comprehend how frightening it is. Sufferers can appreciate how the fear of having a panic attack can begin to take over and progressively ruin someone's life. If this is you... read the information below or alternatively if you'd like to understand panic attacks in more detail have a look at our dedicated satellite website at: Panic Attack Treatment

How Panic Attacks Ruin Peoples Lives...

We receive many calls from clients in Stoke on Trent (and further afield) asking for help with panic attacks. The focus is almost always placed upon the actual physical symptoms and the terror that accompanies an attack. This is of course understandable when you consider just how terrifying and horrific a panic attack can feel. However, let's consider things in a little more detail for a moment;

A panic attack generally lasts for between thirty seconds and a few minutes. Yes they're intense... but if we're honest they occupy a very small time-frame. However, when people talk about suffering from panic attacks they often say they've had them for months, even years or decades in some cases!

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The Secret Every Panic Attack Sufferer Needs To Know!

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Your mind does a good job of convincing you that panic attacks are your problem. However, the truth is that it's actually the FEAR OF HAVING A PANIC ATTACK that is the real problem. Remember that although intensely unpleasant, panic attacks only last a matter of minutes - whereas fear can last for years or even a lifetime. Now, take a moment to reconsider your problem. Whilst nobody will deny how awful panic attacks feel - wouldn't you agree that it's the FEAR of having a panic attack that's ruining your life?

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The Deeply Hidden Cycle Of Panic Attacks...

Panic attacks are rarely a random occurrence. This means that although anyone can experience a panic attack under the right circumstances, they almost never occur for simply 'no reason'. In fact there's a hidden cycle running in the mind of every panic attack sufferer. The more you suffer - the more the cycle runs - the more the cycle runs - the more you suffer... and so on.

Under normal circumstances the mind has a way of dealing with stress, tension and anxiety by temporarily upping our attention awareness. Normally this process is used to keep us safe from harm and to ensure we're fully prepared should we be faced with some sort of challenging or dangerous situation. Usually, once the potentially challenging or dangerous situation has passed the mind 're-sets' and returns attention awareness to a 'normal' level. However, for someone living in fear of having panic attacks the mind doesn't re-set. It remains in the heightened state of awareness. You can probably notice this in yourself by considering how often you think about something going wrong, someone getting hurt or having a panic attack at a really bad time. Take a moment to think about how often you talk to yourself in your mind about what could happen to you. Do you have thoughts and make pictures of situations you don't want to happen?

We appreciate that the voice in your head chatters away and you have little control as to what it talks about. Similarly, visual thoughts of you being trapped in situations where you fear or experience a panic attack can appear apparently from nowhere. However, the truth is that this very cycle of thoughts and internal chatter is what keeps you in the 'high risk zone' of having more panic attacks.

Nobody blames you for this process - it's outside of your conscious control. The good news is that we at the Anxiety Clinic have the expertise required to neutralise these thoughts so that you can come out of the high risk zone and return to normality.

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How To Genuinely Overcome Panic Attacks

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If you're suffering from panic attacks (or the fear of having panic attacks) - we can help you to recover. Even if you've tried medication, counseling, hypnosis, therapy or whatever... we can help you. Stop making excuses and start making your commitment to recover and have a normal life right now!

All you need to do is pick up the phone, call (01782) 855585 and ask to speak to one of our specialised Consultants. We'll answer any questions you have over the telephone and if you're happy to proceed you can book a 'no-obligation' initial appointment.

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