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Fast Treatment & Recovery From All Anxiety Disorders

Before you start, it's perhaps a good time to point out that our Anxiety Clinic in Stoke on Trent is equipped to help you rapidly recover - no matter how long you've suffered or what you may have tried before without success. Remember that many of our now-recovered clients had unsuccessfully tried medication, counselling and various therapy types before seeking our help.

If you don't live in Staffordshire we can still work together. The very same anxiety specialists who work face to face with local clients are available for online consultations. No matter what your disorder or where you're located - we can quickly and discretely help you overcome your problem.


Do you have three or more of these symptoms?

  • Tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Pounding heart (in certain situations)
  • Feelings of breathlessness
  • Feelings of emotional discomfort (or possibly dread) in the chest
  • Imagining bad things happening to you or those around you
  • Putting off social engagements
  • Critical chatter in your mind about yourself or your situation
  • Poor self esteem and/or confidence
  • Over-thinking situations or what other people may think of you
  • Dwelling on past experiences
  • Worrying about the future
  • Feeling helpless

If you have answered 'yes' to at least three of the symptoms you should call us immediately to discuss your problem(s) and we'll explain how we can help.


The real truth behind anxiety related conditions...

social anxiety

Some may say anxiety is just one of those things life brings us from time to time. In many cases it's true. For example, starting a new job, getting married or even the approach to an upcoming unfamiliar journey can give us anxious feelings. Normally, such anxious feelings tend to be relatively fleeting and pass quickly. However, anxiety becomes a problem (a condition or disorder) when the uncomfortable anxious emotional state remains for increasing amounts of time and spreads to influence different aspects of your life. If you identify with some of the symptoms above you'll understand the difference.

Unfortunately, anxiety when left untreated, tends to get worse rather than better. Evidence suggests that stress, depression and panic attacks can manifest when anxiety starts to spiral out of control. Worse still, as time passes and sufferers retreat into the perceived safety of doing only the most familiar tasks, phobic conditions become ever more likely to develop. Common phobias to develop are agoraphobia (the fear of going out) and anthropophobia (the fear of meeting people in society).

Anxiety can also manifest in unpleasant physical symptoms as well as psychological ones. For example, some anxiety sufferers develop abdominal discomfort (stomach ache), constipation (or diarrhoea), dyspepsia (indigestion) and headaches (migraine or otherwise). The simple recovery from anxiety often greatly reduces (and sometimes completely eliminates) these physical manifestations without any other action being required.

If you'd like more specific information on anxiety disorders (and their symptoms) we've developed Anxiety Disorder Symptoms to help you understand what's going on. The website will open in a new window, so as not to disturb your visit here.


What every anxiety sufferer should know...

Reducing the symptoms of anxiety (with medication) and recovering from anxiety are two very different things. To understand the difference here's a simple analogy:

Imagine working under a flickering light all morning. Let's say that you develop a headache. You perceive the headache as a problem so you reach for a solution - a couple of aspirin. Twenty minutes after taking the aspirin your headache subsides and you begin to feel more comfortable. However, after lunch you return to work under the flickering light and within an hour your headache has come back. Do you reach for more aspirin? Is this kind of action really solving your problem?

The above example demonstrates how our Health Service generally responds to conditions. It examines the person, realises they have a headache and then gives them aspirin to temporarily ease the symptoms. The health system rarely looks beyond symptoms. In reality almost all drugs are geared towards easing symptoms (eg headaches) rather than fixing the problem (flickering light) that caused the said symptoms in the first place.

However, an alternative way to consider the above example would be to simply fix the flickering light. By addressing the 'real problem' (flickering light) the symptom (headache) would go away on its own. Until the flickering light is addressed the headache symptoms would persist whether dulled down by aspirin or not. If you're currently taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication, although they may ease some of the symptoms they are not going to address the underlying problem causing your condition. If you're happy to accept the long term potential damage, the huge list of potential side effects and possible addiction to these medications - then you should probably stop reading now.


Seven reasons why medication isn't a solution to your problem...

anxiety disorder

Here are seven reasons why medication isn't a solution:

  1. Anti-depressants are only intended as a temporary measure.
  2. Some anti-depressants need to be taken for weeks before any benefit is felt.
  3. Many anti-depressant medications have unpleasant side effects.
  4. Anti-depressants only numb symptoms. They do not address the cause.
  5. You have to keep taking the drugs to feel the effects.
  6. Some anti-depressants can become addictive (see point 5).
  7. Some people quickly become tolerant to drugs and require higher and higher doses.

It is important to understand what you're putting into your body and the risks you may be running by doing so. Our treatment programme uses proven leading edge technology designed to eliminate any reliance upon anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. Having recovered from anxiety (or a related condition) you would be able to discuss coming off such medications with your GP. The vast majority of recovered clients say they feel so good about themselves that they simply don't need the medication anymore. You could be one of them...


The secret to successful recovery....

You may be thinking that this wont work for you, that you're somehow the exception because your condition is unique or untreatable. Would you be surprised if we said that probably half of all the people we see actually tell us something like that the first time we meet. Funnily enough they're generally the ones that recover the fastest!

Remember that an anxiety sufferer has developed an almost super-human ability to imagine bad things happening to them, like them being the only person in the world who can't recover. This highly honed and inappropriate ability is what keeps you feeling anxious... so of course you'd think that. Fortunately our success statistics beg to differ.

The key to your successful recovery isn't simply reliant upon taking any old action - you actually need to take the right action. Now, saying "I've tried this and I've tried that, but without success" isn't going to help you. Taking the right action means using what is proven to work and our Rapid Recovery Programme is precisely that.


What recent clients said...


I'm so glad I found Adam and decided to be treated by him. I always thought having anxiety and depression was going to be a lifelong condition. This is what I've been told in the past, so naturally this made me feel worse. Whilst I may not be out of the woods yet, Adam has showed me the way out and I am not far off.

Not only has he allowed me to manage and get rid of negative feelings, he has allowed me to discover my spiritual side or my "true self"  which I always knew was there but i never knew how to find it. So in a sense, this is the beginning for me in certain ways. I always know i can go back to Adam if im struggling again, and there is no extra long waiting list like alot of treatments. He is non judgemental, friendly and worth the money. 



I have suffered from strong anxiety since before I can remember, I had previously spent thousands of pounds on seeing councillors, therapists, cognitive behaviour therapists, (so called) anxiety specialists to no avail. I felt like I was “incurable”, until a friend recommended Adam at the Anxiety Clinic. From the first phone call with Adam, my mind has been more at ease and gradually I have been more and more comfortable with myself. I now understand my thoughts and feelings and I am 100% in control of my anxiety and my life! So if you’re suffering you don’t need to be, he will help you! Cheers Adam.



"I was the victim of a long-term fraud committed over 20 years ago. I suffered almost constantly from obsessive and intrusive thoughts; it was as if a tape recorder was playing the same sequence over and over in my head and would not stop. I did not sleep very well and was almost always angry when I woke up. I had two separate programmes of counselling before I met Adam which were not successful. I did not realise at that time that I was suffering from C-PTSD and I thought that this was just the way that my life was going to be. The condition negatively impacted almost every area of my life including my family and my work. Eventually I discovered that I was suffering from C-PTSD and that it was a treatable condition.

I found the Anxiety Clinic website and read an article where they explained that traditional forms of counselling are not usually effective for PTSD because using a logic-based treatment for an emotional disorder is not likely to succeed. Having already tried the traditional counselling route this really resonated with me. I decided to have a trial session with Adam to see if we could work together, however I was extremely sceptical that a “fast solution” could be found for a problem that I had been suffering with for almost 20 years.

I really liked Adam’s style and found his treatments extremely effective. My basic problem was cured after only 3 sessions which I thought was pretty amazing. We then explored some further techniques which also provide benefit. I now have an effective toolkit to deal with my particular issues as and when they do arise again. I am now much more self-aware and I can sense much better when my emotions are being spiked and I now know exactly how to deal with it. The tape recorder has finally stopped playing and I am sleeping much better and feel great in the mornings. I honestly feel that I have got my life back and I am now working out all the wonderful things that I can do without that horrible, constant, unwanted distraction in my head. Thank you Adam".



"All my life I have been a nervous, anxious sort of person, I just thought that was in my nature, but I was getting gradually worse with almost overwhelming anxieties about work, home and life in general. If I didn't have anything to worry about I would go and find something. Some days I didn't even want to get out of bed - which is not good when you have a full time job and a husband & family. On top of that, losing my Mum to cancer a few months ago was almost unbearable but I didn't feel like I had time to grieve with all the practical things to deal with; there was no enjoyment in my life, just a never ending treadmill of tasks with no end in sight. Anti-depressants were making me want to sleep all the time, which didn't help me at all. That's when I decided to go to the Anxiety Clinic. My Consultant put me at my ease at my very first session and showed me that there is no need to suffer. Looking back, I can hardly believe how I used to be, but over four sessions he gave me the tools I need to take control of my life, feel happy and be able to cope with anything life throws at me. Yes, I still get anxious about stuff (I'm still human!) but the difference is that now I can control my emotions and stop myself being swamped by them - for instance, instead of fuming for days about something my boss might have said at work, I recognise my reactions, take control and can literally deal with it in a few minutes to avoid hours of stress. Life's too short ! Another unexpected bonus is that I feel able to control my eating habits as well, and losing weight is making me feel even better about myself. I just wish I'd heard about the Clinic before I got to 50! If you are wondering about contacting them I would say don't hesitate, you cannot put a price on feeling relaxed and happy and it has certainly worked for me."



anxiety recovery

"When I first started going to the Anxiety Clinic I was suffering from panic attacks, chest tightening and had developed a fear of dying - I think from experiencing bad panic attacks. Three weeks on and I am a totally different person and my outlook on life is so different. I feel a weight has been lifted and I can see reality more clearly. I have so far not had any panic attacks or 'strange episodes' and I'm so glad I met my consultant Adam Aitchison. I feel positive about my future and confident I am in control of my feelings. If like me you have been to the doctors and the ONLY solution they gave you was tablets please think of the Anxiety Clinic, it's worth six hours out of your life!"



"I'm sixteen, and have struggled with anxiety for the better part of all my life. Recently it was particularly bad - even the thought of being in school or my upcoming GCSE exams was enough to send me catatonic with panic. But now, after only four weeks, I've completed six exams in four days (as of time of writing) with not one panic attack or night spent lying awake catastrophising. I'm also struggling less with my crippling perfectionism, meaning that I've stopped beating myself up over every less than perfect test score or exam result.

This stuff really, really, REALLY works. I'm not just saying that. It's completely changed my life."



"I would like to write this to thank you for the work you have done with Charlotte over the last few weeks.

When I first called you to make an appointment, Charlotte was a few weeks away from her GCSE exams and having panic attacks every time she tried to go into school or thought about preparing for exams. She had been through a couple of years of NHS therapies including various anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs which she hated, and had been discharged from all NHS counselling as she 'was not sufficiently motivated to help herself', and she just had no faith at all in anyone's ability to help.

She has found the sessions with you to be positive from the first meeting, and the turnaround has been nothing short of amazing ... this week she has eight final GCSE exams and has been able to study, and take herself to school unsupported to complete her exams, and is looking forward to the future,

thank you so much for your help,"



"Before I found the Anxiety Clinic, I was lost in life. Unable to deal with day to day stress, financially, relationships, being happy and not living to my full potential - but the funny thing was, I was used to it and thought it was just how life was. I went through a rough patch and thought my life was pointless. I wasn't happy with myself, so that gave me the leverage to find help any way I could. I found the Anxiety Clinic at affordable rates with a free introduction, so I thought what have I got to lose?

Nervously going to a session with a "no one can help me" attitude, I thought “lets get this over and done with just to be told i'm unhelpable” - I was wrong!

After the first session I left with one of the biggest smiles on my face i've had in a long time. The world went from on top of my shoulders to underneath my feet. They explained things to me that are so simple and inside me all along but i was so wrapped up in my day to day problems, that I couldn't see the worlds beauty for what it really was. They aren't miracle workers with the cure to life, they are teachers to give you the necessary tools to be able to live your life to your full potential. Every session after the first just made me open my eyes more, made me realize more about myself and how to live a happy and powerful life.

I now have the tools to deal with any situation with such grace and admiration, good or bad, I will never get into a downward spiral of stress and anxiety. I am ready to live, all thanks to the exceptional staff at the Anxiety Clinic.

I could not put a price on the information and help from the Clinic. It may seem a bit before you go, but after being there I would happily pay 10x as much without batting an eyelid!

I would recommend the Clinic to everyone and anyone who wants to live life to their full potential. Very inspirational and emotional journey.

Thank you for all your help, "



anxiety recovery

"I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for the majority of my adult life but recently my anxiety was so severe that I was avoiding social occasions and only going to places I deemed 'safe'.  As time went on these safe places became fewer and fewer and this was not only affecting my life but also my families. 

I had visited the doctors on a number of occasions and medication seemed the only way out.  I was reluctant to take medication for the fear of becoming addicted and reliant on tablets to function so four weeks ago I made a decision to take my life back and little did I know that one telephone call to Adam would not only give me the tools to break my cycle of anxiety but would completely change my outlook on life.

Adam has taught me so much in such a small amount of time and for that I am truly grateful. For the first time in a very long time I am looking forward to enjoying life to the fullest without worry and fear that things will go wrong. Thanks to Adam life is now bright, fun and full again and I'm looking forward to the future."


***Update email from Clare*** "Hi Adam. Hope you are well. I promised you a post holiday update - apologies for the delay! Had a fabulous holiday of a lifetime. My issues with the plane never even entered my head once I got to the airport and the flight was great. I once again want to say thank you for your help, support and guidance you really have brought me out of what was a very dark period in my life and I am truly grateful. I have even made arrangements to return to Uni in September to finish my degree AND I've applied for a promotion at work! So fingers crossed everything works out. Take care and thank you!" Clare.


"I came to Adam by way of his impressive videos that i found on youtube. These contained an intelligent analysis on the roots of certain anxieties, phobias and how the brain functions as a piece of software and that thought-processes can be changed through certain exercises. After 3 solid sessions Adam has exceeded my expectations. He is smart, timely and delivers excellent advice and training. He is someone I look to as a long-term aid to cope for life's many challenges. His advice is priceless and can be applied simply to a lot of issues. I recommend very highly."

Anonymous BDD Client.


Just after two sessions with anxiety clinic i noticed a significant change in the way i was thinking. Bearing in mind i had been bound in a cycle of BDD for 15 years. I am now free and positive in outlook to life and i have authority over my mind not the other way round. With continual effort and working at it onwards and upwards, it can only get better.

Fiona. West Midlands.


"Looking back I have always been the quiet one of the group, lacking confidence and perhaps not living life to the full but about 7 years ago I suffered from a panic attack whilst stuck in traffic. I felt trapped with nowhere to go. From that moment my life became a misery. Every time I was in a vehicle the “what if” question always came in my thought process. “What if” I have another panic attack, “what if” I’m with friends or work colleagues and I have one. My life quickly spiraled out of control. I didn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep, and before you know it I was off work for about 12 weeks – weak, weighing about 9 stone, and if I’m honest sometimes not wanting to live life. . It was the worst time of my life, even though I had beautiful wife and baby, a loving family, and a good job. This made it worse for me though as I kept asking myself why me?

anxiety treatment nhs My “fear” was finally out in the open, previously only my wife knew, work found out and I finally had the courage to tell my parents.
I sought medical care, and was put on anti-depressant’s and anxiety tablets, CBT followed. Speaking to people who I felt confident in telling and the combination of medication and therapy certainly helped my recovery. Six years passed, and I controlled my fear – life was good. Then about 3 months ago, I had another panic attack, the “devil” on my shoulder returned. I was heartbroken – my fear had come back I thought. The dark place was returning. This time I recognized the incident and spoke to family, and my GP – medication and therapy was to start over again. I was not in a good place. I began CBT through my medical insurance. From my past experience I found CBT useful, but I also felt it to be a little impersonal and did not focus on my individual issue.

I found the Anxiety Clinic online – by chance!! I couldn’t believe in all these years this place was so close to me – literally 2 minutes away. I remember seeing Adam on my first visit – very skeptical to begin with, but I had to give him a chance. This fear had controlled a large part of my life, so I was willing to try anything. Straight away I felt at ease, this gentleman is the essence of professionalism, and each session was so personal, which I felt was missing from the CBT sessions I was having.
Adam taught me some very simple techniques, but more importantly for me focused on my individual fear and thought processes and explained why we think this way. After only 5 sessions I am a changed person. I’m enjoying family life to the max, and the pressures of work I deal with and I finally have my life back.

Yes its early days in my recovery process but Adam has taught me the tools and techniques to use. I’m looking forward to Christmas and a positive 2015 and beyond. My weekly sessions have now stopped, but I will continue to see Adam as and when, as I believe his nature and skill set can only improve the way I live my life and help others. If you live your life in fear, go and see Adam. What have you got to lose!"

Grant – Stoke on Trent


"Adam - We are getting there!! Each day is getting much easier now that I understand the process of obsessions, compulsions, images and anxiety, following our recap. You have given me the skills to cope with all of my obsessions. I had an unrealistic goal that "I wanted them all to go forever"... Maybe that is the perfectionist OCD in me. But what you have given me are the tools and skill, with practice, to cope with OCD which is now allowing me to live my life with my fiancée and baby. My OCD intensified after having my first baby as my usual coping mechanisms of avoidance, keeping busy and reassurance seeking we're no longer working... Not that I knew this is what I was doing.

I now don't 'fear' OCD coming back or what is the next 'theme' but I have accepted that OCD is a part of me and I'm learning to like it!! At least I live my life in a heightened state of awareness of what is right and wrong and what I like and don't like!!

There is no danger of us ever getting into a rut!!! For those of you out there that have had enough with the ever mutating themes of your worries and obsessions there is hope. Face your fear and seek help, at least you won't fear that anymore!!"

Charlotte - Kidsgrove xxx

***Email Update from Charlotte***

"I'm free!!! It's all gone!!! Wow! Thank you. I'm off to buy wedding things..." Charlotte x


anxiety treatment nhs

"Several weeks ago I was in a very dark place, with negative views on the future. Having been predictably fobbed off with medication prescriptions from doctors, I checked online and came across the Anxiety Clinic. What a breakthrough!

Living in the South, the long trek to Stoke was impractical, so I opted for the Skype consultations, which I highly recommend to anyone in need of assistance.

I was put at ease immediately by Adam's relaxed and conversant manner. Through a combination of anecdotes and analogies, he was able to communicate to me some self-evident truths, and provide me with many useful tools and strategies to cope with my anxieties and face life with a more positive outlook.

I was particularly struck by the fact that here you are engaging in a one-to-one conversation with someone, not being bombarded with questions and interrogations (I was never pressed to enter into any more detail about my specific problems than I felt happy to share).

Many thanks, Adam, for all the help and support. I may not be out of the woods yet, but at least now I can face the trials ahead with confidence, armed with the invaluable tools and mechanisms which you have shared".



"Im 47yrs old and a HGV driver the past 10yrs... 3 months ago I was at my lowest point in my life at work due to making deadlines, major road closures, queues absolutely everywhere during the nights etc. This has gone on for most of this year but managed to struggle on week in week out just so I could earn a living as we all do, and like most people on the road network you get irate stressed out angry because you want to get somewhere yesterday. One night while I was at work out of the blue I started to feel light headed, my throat was closing up, my arms were going numb my heart was beating like a fist in my chest and I really thought I was having a heart attack quite literally. The office rang for an ambulance and I was rushed to hospital, on the way I rang my wife to tell her I loved her as I really thought that was going to be the very last time I would hear her voice.

After spending the night in hospital I was told I had a massive Anxiety attack. Was told to stay off work as it was stress induced and needed a break off the road, all well and good but when you have bills to pay and family to provide for it isn't that easy so I had a week off thinking that would be enough rest to recharge my batteries then went back to work, now my REAL problems started....

My first shift was the worst in my life, just climbing up those steps to get in the cab made me feel uneasy I felt I was too high up to be safe I drove at 40mph instead of the usual 56mph on the motorway and I had all sorts of negative voices in my head saying "what if" all the time, I was worried about crashing I was worried about dying at the wheel all sorts of bizarre stuff that would never cross my mind before. Now I had major anxiety and felt absolutely terrible, I turned round went back to the yard and went home. In total I was off for a full 2months, even thinking about trucks brought an anxiety attack on, I would get angry with myself and think why the hell is it happening to me??!!! All my life I have been fit watched what I eat don't smoke or drink beer and was a 22stone powerlifter who could physically pull the trucks let alone drive them but I would break down at the thought of climbing back into one.

It was then that I realised I had a serious problem, this is NOW threatening my livelihood. I really thought I was going to have to give up my licence that I earned a great income from and work minimum wage in the warehouse at work loading the trailers instead. I was at my wits end and put on 80mg of Propanalol a day by the GP then out of desperation I was trawling the internet for help & advise and saw the Anxiety Clinic and it was local in my area! I left it a full 24hrs before ringing because I felt awkward being this big hulking guy with what "I thought" was mental problems but I knew I really and truly needed help and quickly, straight away Adam calmed me down on the phone when I told him I was going to bore him with my problems he explained how he could help me to get my life back on track and relieve my anxiety in a few short sessions one on one with him at his surgery.

Now I was really sceptic at this point but also very desperate so I HAD no option in my mind but to give it a try. This turned out to be the best decision I ever made, in my mind all I wanted was to be back to my normal self again... he didn't achieve that... he ENHANCED my life for the better!! Not only after a few sessions with this genius of a guy am I back on the road, im loving my job all over again, im not stressed in the least with road closures time deadlines queue systems and im a lot calmer person which my wife loves! Don't get me wrong this is definitely a two way street and you put your own work into it but Adam gives you the very easy tools to deal with any situation in a rational positive way so negativity just floats away. His approach is a caring practical one with no rush for time and he really does care about his clients.

If you are reading this and thinking you need help with lifes problems that are starting to take over your life and ruin it just like it had with me then don't live another day like this I please urge you to pick up the phone and just have a friendly chat with him as I promise you it WILL change your life for the better like he has done for me. With this absolute gentleman's help I now look forward to being a truck driver and having a great lifestyle until I retire when I thought I was seriously going to have to give my career up."

Barry - Stoke on Trent


anxiety treatment nhs

"If you’re reading this there is a strong chance you are in the same position I was 4 weeks ago.  After many many years of constant anxiety and panic attacks I hit rock bottom, my friends and family encouraged me to go and see someone and I am so grateful that it was Adam I met.

I have spent my whole life fretting, worrying, questioning and over analysing everything that happens or might happen. I’ve done all the usual things like cancel social engagements, had time off from work, wallowed in my bed for days on end anything to feel ‘safe’ I got used to this and stuck in a rut.  My friends and family had recently found out about my hidden problem and provided support, however as you will know it doesn’t matter when people tell you ‘your fine, don’t stress yourself out’ or  ’just stop worrying about it, you have nothing to worry about’ this meant nothing to me and if anything is frustrating to you, the person with the anxiety.  

So after 12 months of taking a cocktail of tablets prescribed by the Doc, stupid anxiety tests and pretending that all this was working, I came to a realisation that if I want to change I need to help myself. I am fortunate enough to live locally and Adam (from the Anxiety Clinic) was the first entry that came up on an internet search and I am so glad it did!  I too read through the testimonials on the Anxiety Clinic website and after confirming that I also suffer with the same irrational uncompromising thoughts and anxieties I picked up the phone and made my appointment. I should admit that when I cancelled and rebooked Adam was very patient and understanding.

The first session was not at all as I had expected. Adam is so welcoming and puts you at ease straight away, there’s no pressure to divulge and relive your deepest fears and worries. Adams’ approach is straightforward, he is very intelligent and his methods are very useful and as long as you can be honest with him and yourself and really take on board what he is saying, you will go far.  I am half way though my sessions with Adam and I feel like a different person. I know how to handle situations without there being a massive drama or aftermath, I no longer need to hide away or supress myself I can face situations head on. I really mean this when I say Adam has been such a good influence on me, I have a new outlook on life and the way I process thoughts, feelings and live life in general is clear.

I honestly thought I was one of the people that was ‘different’ and couldn’t be fixed, how wrong I was.  One thing to remember is you are not broken, Adam will make you see this straight away, I owe Adam so much. I really recommend you don’t sit on the fence with getting your life back together. We all have our excuses, don’t waste your time with medication, psychologists and NHS treatment as I did this and if anything it made me worse. For the first time I feel positive and can see a better future for myself. It doesn’t matter what your situation is or how old you are - Adam will help. Don’t let this continue to control your life. Take action now and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Also if it’s a cold day Adam will put the fire on. Its amazing, so cosy and relaxing with a mug of tea, even better for this time of year!"

Steph - Stoke on Trent


"After 2 months off work due to suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I was beginning to lose faith in the support I had received, during this period, as visits to the doctor (over a 6 month period) and counselling did not fix my problems. The pressure was building as I knew I needed to get back to work, which accentuated the problem and created more anxiety, as I was worried that I wasn't ready and unable to deal with the situations which had originally forced me to take time off. I had tried to return to work after the first month and this proved to be a disaster, as I had experienced a panic attack in front of my boss.

I stumbled across the Anxiety Clinic website and after a few days deliberating I decided to make the call and book in my first appointment. This was a decision that would change my life. Adam's personable approach and his ability to weave together anxiety related anecdotes, with very simple practical solutions, ensured that the process of improving my mental health was enjoyable. Not only this, but the sessions were enlightening as they provided useful 'life lessons' which go beyond halting anxiety and panic as with continued practice they will enable me to become the person I want to be and take control of my life.

Don't put your trust in the NHS; drugs are not the solution. Adam knows what he is talking about, and can change your life. If you suffer from anxiety, then deal with it as early as possible, so you can avoid the potential turmoil which it can create over time. Give the Anxiety Clinic a call as it will turn out to be the best money you have ever spent."

Richard - Sheffield


anxiety treatment nhs
"I struggled with perfectionism 'all or nothing approach to life mentality' for years. This worked really well after getting married and was seen as a strength in my area of work as I was busy pleasing everyone else except me. After starting a family, I find myself struggling to prioritise work/family and became overwhelmed and anxious frequently and resorted to making emotional decisions. Things started falling apart for me.

I felt the NHS wasn't the ideal place in helping me to deal with the issues I was facing and getting to the root cause so I turned to Anxiety Clinic. 

Adam 'held my hand'; helped me to see things through a different window and equipped me with the appropriate tools to cope. 

I now have the mental clarity, quest and drive to move forward and find balance for my life and family after just 6 sessions. 

I strongly recommend Anxiety Clinic to those who are facing similar issues as mine. 

Thanks again"

Car' - London

"As parents we could not understand the emotional trauma Ciara was going through day to day. It was like walking on eggshells as to when she'd next have an emotional outburst that could last for hours for no apparent reason! We were actually frightened of what out own daughter would do. Not knowing where to turn to I gave the Anxiety Clinic a ring in hope they would be able to help. After our first session I felt our lives were changing for the better.

Ciara began using the simple tools very quickly to help with her emotions and controlling behaviour.  We also had the techniques to deal with Ciara's emotional outbursts and we were working together as a family rather than letting it destroy our relationship. The constant conflict with each other stopped and we moved forward together as a family.

Our lives have been saved in such a short period of time and would encourage anyone struggling to visit Adam at the Clinic. Life is not meant to be a struggle! Ciara is a much happier child and we so glad we didn't have our child medicated with drugs which only numb the symptoms but do not solve the problem.

Thank you so much Adam for all your support. We enjoyed our family sessions with a cosy fire and a cuppa. We will be back for a top up if we need it."

Best wishes Tracy and Darren


"I am Ciara and I am 10 years old. I have struggled with anxiety and control issues for as long as I can remember.
Thanks to Adam I have started a new chapter in my life. I enjoy getting up in the morning to go to school since I have been practicing the amazing skills and techniques Adam has taught me. Family life is much easier and I am enjoying life again.
Thank you Adam!!!"


anxiety treatment nhs

"I asked myself how much money, time and effort I had put into counselling/therapy over the years and still my questions were left unanswered- basically what can I "do" to help myself. I knew what I was doing and I knew how I was responding but not one person could help me "do" anything about it. My father died in June '15 and my mother and brothers turned on me and isolated me from the family with lies and secret meetings. I became distraught and went to see a psychotherapist with lots of letters after his name. I emailed him my situation so that we did not take up my hour therapy time with what had happened. On arrival he had not read the email as he preferred me to tell my story. I wanted to know what to do to help me. He  charged £100 and when I asked what I had got for my money he looked shocked. I could have told the wall my story for free. He said I needed at least 3 years of regular sessions to help me.

In desperation I googled - therapy that works. I saw the Anxiety Clinic and rang the number. I was a blubbering mess. Adam answered the phone and listened and listened and then gave me some immediate advice. Something to actually do to help myself. I arranged skype webcam calls. Adam is always there on time and never looks at his watch when 50 minutes is up and starts to wrap things up. He is always relaxed and never judgemental. He explained what I was doing to keep myself in the mess I was in. He gave me strategies and showed me how to change my behaviour to help me. I was so fascinated with how things worked I continued to work with Adam to learn more. I still use all the stategies as the more you use them the easier they become to fit in naturally. I could now actually understand and do something about me and help myself. I have allowed myself to be the real me and not try to be what other people want me to be. My teenage kids say how much things have changed for the better. I still listen to my relaxation talk and realise stuff happens. I have learnt so much from Adam and met  a really genuine, down to earth person who wants to help and can help. He shows you how quickly you can change and get rid of the baggage and in a short space of time. The phone is always there and I know if things change or I need some guidance I will contact him again without hesitation.

 Adam, thank you so much for all your time and straight talking. I have appreciated everything."



"Before I started seeing Adam at the Anxiety Clinic, I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. This had been happening for a couple of years and I was beginning to feel that I would never get past this stage in my life. It was affecting me at home and at work, no matter what I did or what I told myself I couldn't seem to get past it. I began to live in fear of anxiety and dreaded having panic attacks. This led me to live in fear of being alone. I felt like I had completely lost myself and that I would never get my happiness back.

From the initial appointment with Adam, I immediately felt like this dark cloud that I had been living under had been taken away and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Following the 6 sessions that I had, I now feel happy again. I have a positive outlook on everything that I do or feel, and even if I feel the anxiety creeping back in, I know that I can deal with it. The techniques that he teaches you to use are easy to take in and they work!! I can't thank Adam enough. I would definitely recommend the Anxiety Clinic to anyone! It is more than worth it!"



"Adam's therapy is first class. With his guidance you can stop worrying and live life to the full. He is highly experienced and tailors sessions to suit you and the way your brain works. With the tools and techniques that he taught I was able to manage and diminish the anxiety so it was no longer a problem. He is friendly and easy to talk to and his programme produces fast results."



I went to see Adam 6 weeks ago now and I was very nervous and suffered from aniexty depression and alot of panic attack i have suffered from this problem for years I have used medz councilling doctors everything In so glad Adam came along he has helped me through every step really friendly very helpful really worth seeing if you suffer from any issues he is defintley worth seeing I thought that I would never see the day that I woild get help but Adam has helped me so much I'm just so glad that I don't suffer from aniexty or depression any more massive change in 6 weeks thank you Adam see you soon mate



anxiety nausea sickness

At the beginning of 2016 I started to feel unwell with sickness and nausea and was being physically sick or heaving nearly every day. I went to the doctors and my blood pressure was so high that I was signed off work for 2 weeks and put on tablets. The tablets I was put on made no difference and they tried new ones. This went on for a few months until I went back to the Doctors and was signed off again as my BP was higher than previously.

The Doctor who I saw on this occasion asked me if I was stressed, I said no, just really busy at work. I went home and during my time at home I thought about my situation and I began to feel really down, I had never suffered anything like this before. I had to go back to the Doctors for a BP check and he asked me how I was and I advised him how I felt, he then went on to prescribe me with Prozac. I started taking this medication and for 3 weeks felt terrible, worse than before, but I had read on the internet that it takes time to work as it alters the chemicals in your brain.

One day after taking the Prozac I felt so agitated and anxious like nothing I had ever experienced before. I knew I had to get help. I went on the internet and found the Anxiety Clinic. I rang and spoke to Adam and arranged an appointment.

After my first session I immediately felt much better and reassured that I would be ok. I decided there and then to stop taking the Prozac. The next day for the first time in weeks I was not physically sick and was not heaving and realised that this only happened when I felt anxious. I felt better and calmer and put into practice some of the things Adam had taught me. Each day I felt better and more in control and could not wait for my next session.

I did have some bad days but nothing like before. I went on to have a total of 7 sessions and cannot believe how these have helped me. I am calmer and much less anxious than before and my BP is now lower. I put all this down to the help I received from Adam and feel that my life is now back on track and I can cope again.

I would strongly recommend that anyone with anxiety visit the clinic as they will be amazed at the results and how the strategies taught by Adam can really change your life.



"Before I went to see Adam I was in a very dark place. There had been upheavals at work and I was angry and resentful that I could not retire.  I was having strange physical feelings and I was convinced I was seriously ill.  The NHS and mental health charities could offer me only medication and CBT.  I tried CBT but it did not work.

My brother found the Anxiety Clinic on the internet and as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by going to see Adam at his clinic that’s what I did.

I travelled up to Stoke on Trent for my first session and found Adam to be a layback, down to earth person who for the first time talked common sense about the problem of anxiety and could reassure me that the ‘funny feelings’ I was having were being experienced by most of his clients and I was not seriously ill or going mad.

After 6 sessions I am feeling the benefits of the tips and tools he teaches.  I am not completely over it but I am long way from that ‘dark place’ and the future looks a lot brighter.

I would recommend the Anxiety Clinic to anyone in a similar position."



Due to anxiety from dealing with a painful, long-term health condition and lack of mobility, I contacted the Anxiety Clinic and booked a Skype appointment, (which is ideal if you don't live in the area!). Adam was understanding, with a directness and sense of humour, which helped me to relax. At each weekly appointment Adam explained and taught methods to understand and deal with these anxieties. I have been able to improve my health a little as I can now change how I react to stress/ anxiety and I am so glad that I made the appointment.Thank you Adam!



My situation wasn’t really that complex… I needed help! I needed help for my increasingly frequent panic attacks and the associated fearfulness and anxiety that comes with it. (oh god this is it I’m going to die etc etc…). As it is with everyone I thought my condition / symptoms / ailments were completely unique and no one on this green earth would understand how I was feeling. My GP was unsympathetic and insisted there was nothing wrong with me physically and to go away (I’m paraphrasing here but you get the drift). I was physically ok, so perhaps is was inside my head? (my GP kind of said it in a roundabout way). So where to go next? I was still adamant I was seriously ill, close to death, not long to live….. The NHS / clinical route didn’t appeal to me, I didn’t want the ‘bottle of pills’ and shown the door routine. I felt sure there was an alternative somewhere.

So I reached out… I called Adam at the Anxiety Clinic, Stoke on Trent to book an appointment and he explained very clearly how the first appointment was to be conducted and all prices etc.

On meeting Adam I almost immediately felt a sense of calmness and reassurance in his demeaner, a very warm and pleasant welcome indeed. The sessions were rather extraordinary! As much as to say that they made me open my eyes to what is really going inside that head of mine. Its not easy hearing some of this stuff but what makes perfect sense seldomly is easy to swallow for us anxiety sufferers. The details of the sessions cannot really be explained / revealed in depth as they are unique to each individual but I can say, hand on heart, that they helped… oh boy did they help!

I’d say that Adam helped set me free from myself, that eternal nagging voice of doubt that burbled inside my head morning, noon and night. The road to recovery is seldomly smooth but I’m more relaxed, I’m absolutely calmer and most of all I’m now the boss of my emotions!

If you're here on this website then that’s the first hurdle, the next is to call Adam. It will change your life.
My sincerest thanks to you Adam.

Lee- Stoke on Trent


anxiety nausea sickness

My name is Jack and I am 9 years old. Earlier this year I started to get worried about lots of things and didn’t know why. I felt scared about so many things and was getting upset every day and couldn’t be away from my mum. Even going to school would bring on a panic attack and severe anxiety symptoms.
If my mum went out to work I would ring her all the time, one day 42 times !
I came to see Adam and my mum walked me up to the house and I was scared and pulling her arm to not go in as I was too scared, but we went in. Adam made things interesting, funny and every week gave me something to work on.
I have just had my last session and know that now I can try anything and that I no longer need to be scared as I have everything to deal with days when I feel worried.



anxiety nausea sickness

Firstly thank you Adam for everything. We wish we had found you first before we had visited other options. My son who is 9 had a sudden onset of panic attacks and anxiety. As a parent you just want your child to be happy, worry free and confident. We had visited other therapists but nothing seemed to be working even going through GP and other mental health organisations.
Somebody recommended Adam so I rang and booked the next available appointment.
Because jacks symptoms were becoming so severe I really couldn’t see past day to day as it was completely and utterly draining as a parent, so for jack it would of been a whole lot worse as he was suffering the physical symptoms of anxiety a number of times a day.
On the first visit Adam could see how anxious my Jack was and was so kind and gave jack time to realise it was going to be a good place to visit.
Before visiting the clinic for the initial session we had said that holiday wasn’t an option as even to be in an airport would of been to much to deal with. But after 3 sessions we went on holiday, that in itself was a miracle. We then went for the remainder of the sessions and I really do have a different child. I have back my cheeky, confident, happy, chatty little boy, who will probably have days where he feels worried or a little anxious but nothing to what he has had for the last 3 months as now he knows how to deal with them.
Please, please if you are reading this then you are considering visiting the clinic. Please don’t consider anymore make contact and do it today. I am sure that you will wish you had done it before. Nobody should feel like this and there isn’t any need to when you can visit Adam. Thank you Adam for helping jack and also helping me to give jack the tools when he needs them.



After suffering with anxiety and associated low mood for about 20 years, and trying various NHS treatments including counselling and medication, I finally decided to pay privately for therapy.

I actually found the anxiety clinic online about a year before picking up the phone, but my ego (negative little voice in my head) held me back. I had hit a new low when I rang Adam and he fitted me in the next day for a no obligation first session.

Adam is a breath of fresh air, down to earth, non-judgemental, understanding and straight talking.

Adam has not only helped me to manage my anxiety, but also educated me on many other things, the negative cycles I was getting myself stuck in and how to deal with them. The things I was doing to ‘keep myself safe’ were actually what was keeping my unbearable cycle of anxiety and panic going!

I could write all day about how helpful this has been for me...

If you’re considering picking up the phone, just do it. Don’t waste a year contemplating it like I did! It’s worth every penny and I honestly believe you can’t put a price on your well-being. I’ve spent significantly more money on things in my life that I haven’t been able to enjoy to their fullest because of my past anxiety. Not any longer!!!

Thanks so much Adam for helping me change my life in such a positive way.



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